Caring for Dry Winter Skin

Freezing temps, blowing wind, snow, scarves, masks, hot showers to keep warm! While struggling to get warm and stay protected from the elements, many of us encounter extremely dry skin during the winter. A few tips can help your skin sty hydrated, healthy, and beautiful!

  1. Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water supports your skin’s elasticity which is important for the skin’s primary function of maintaining a healthy barrier against your environment. Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.
  2. Limit long, hot showers. It may come as a surprise that hot showers actually decrease the oil and moisture levels in your skin. The longer you’re in, the longer this process continues. Brief, lukewarm showers are recommended to support a healthy skin barrier.
  3. Moisturize. Look for face and body products with hyaluronic acid in the ingredients list. Did you know hyaluronic acid (HA) absorbs 1000 times its weight in water? Proper application of HA is applying it to damp skin, or layering it under your favorite moisturizer.
  4. Be gentle. In the cold weather, switch to less active ingredients in your cleanser and decrease the frequency of exfoliating at home. When you’re done in the shower, choose a creamy moisturizer to apply while your skin is still damp so that you seal in moisture.
  5. Continue to protect your skin from UV damage by using an SPF 30+ every day. Remember covering up with your scarf, hood, sunglasses and gloves is also protecting your skin, so stay bundled up!

These tips, along with adding targeted products to treat your problem areas, can provide dry skin relief during the winter.

This winter at The Wellspring, we’re loving these products:

  • Face- HA Collagen Booster, Intensive Recovery Cream
  • Eyes- TNS Eye Repair
  • Lips- HA5 Smooth and Plump Lip System
  • Body- CeraVe Moisturizing Cream