Emsculpt Neo

Transforming Bodies, Elevating Confidence

Unleash the power of Emsculpt Neo, the latest advancement in non-invasive body contouring. Now at The Wellspring Medical Spa, this revolutionary treatment brings together high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) and radio frequency (RF) energies into a single applicator to destroy fat, build muscle, and redefine your body. Experience significant fat reduction (30% on average) and muscle enhancement (25% on average) in a short 30-minute session, transcending what’s possible with diet and exercise alone.

The Wellspring Medical Spa is proud to bring this advanced solution to Dixon Illinois, and the Sauk Valley area, offering our clients a path to enhanced confidence and well-being.

Discover Emsculpt Neo

Build muscle, burn fat – the FDA cleared & scientifically proven way!

Synchronized RF Heating AND HIFEM+

🔥30 minute treatment for EVERY BODY

🔥30% Less FAT

🔥25% More MUSCLE

🔥19% Reduction in Abdominal Separation

🔥6cm Waist Circumference Reduction

🔥4 weeks of Emsculpt Neo sessions are equivalent to 12-16 weeks of HIIT*


Dual-Action Technology for Optimal Results

Emsculpt Neo’s brilliance lies in its dual-action approach. While the HIFEM technology induces powerful muscle contractions, the RF energy targets and eliminates fat at the same time. This synergistic combination of HIFEM and radio frequency technology not only slims down your figure but also enhances muscle tone, definition, and core strength, offering a comprehensive body transformation experience.

During treatment, an external applicator is used to direct energy toward your areas of concern. The experience begins with the RF energy gently warming the muscles, priming them for the workout ahead. This preparatory phase not only amplifies the muscle contractions but also kickstarts fat apoptosis — the programmed death of fat cells. The thermal effect of RF energy dismantles these fat cells, liquefying them to be expelled naturally by the body’s own cleansing processes. The elimination of these fat cells is permanent, providing lasting results for a more defined physique.

Once the treatment area has “warmed up” (at around 4 minutes into the procedure), the HIFEM technology of EMSCULPT NEO takes center stage, inducing powerful supramaximal contractions. These are contractions beyond what you can achieve through conventional exercise, akin to performing an extraordinary 20,000+ squats, crunches, or lunges in a single session. This level of muscular activity not only enhances muscle tone and definition but also bolsters the body’s core strength, contributing to a comprehensive body transformation.

Treatment Areas

This visual guide highlights the key areas for men and women where Emsculpt Neo can enhance muscle definition and reduce fat. The man and woman stand side by side in exercise attire with Emsculpt Neo treatment areas highlighted. The abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs, saddlebags, love handles, arms, and calves are ideal regions for this cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment.
Define your curves and strengthen your muscles with Emsculpt Neo.

Redefine & Reshape your body with Precision

Discover the power of Emsculpt Neo, a revolutionary treatment that targets muscle and fat to sculpt your body with precision. Our state-of-the-art technology addresses key areas to enhance your natural physique, offering tailored treatments for both men and women.

Whether you’re aiming to refine your abdomen, lift the buttocks, tone thighs, build arm muscles or sculpt your calves, Emsculpt Neo at The Wellspring Medical Spa is your partner in achieving your aesthetic goals. Experience a transformation that goes beyond the surface, with results that are not just seen, but felt. Embrace the confidence that comes with a stronger, more defined you.

Harness the power of Emsculpt Neo today to redefine your silhouette and achieve the toned, athletic appearance you desire. With no surgery and no downtime, you can return to your daily activities immediately, making it a perfect fit for the rhythm of your life.

Emsculpt Neo Edge Applicators with contoured design for advanced body contouring.
The Game-Changing Edge Applicators

Emsculpt Neo’s Edge applicators are a new innovation to the technology. They allow for precise targeting of curvaceous areas like the sides (love handles) and thighs, which are hard-to-reach otherwise. The Edge applicators play a vital role in toning oblique muscles, improving posture, enhancing core strength, and alleviating back discomfort. With the Edge applicators, Emsculpt Neo now offers a more comprehensive body sculpting experience, targeting hard-to-reach areas effectively​​.

Two Emsculpt Neo large applicators positioned face down and side by side on a white background.
Emsculpt Neo's Large Applicators

The large applicators of Emsculpt Neo are designed for treating bigger muscle groups like the abdomen and buttocks providing an extensive area of coverage for efficient body contouring. The large applicators are the powerhouse behind the Emsculpt Neo’s ability to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, offering a non-invasive option for enhancing core strength and creating that sought-after toned look.

Close-up of Emsculpt Neo's small applicators designed for arms, calves, and inner thighs.
Emsculpt Neo's Small Applicators

Tailored for precision, Emsculpt Neo’s small applicators target smaller muscle groups with the same potent combination of HIFEM and RF technologies. These applicators are specifically engineered to treat areas such as the arms, calves, and thighs, enabling focused muscle toning and fat reduction. The small applicators are perfect for those looking to enhance muscle definition and strength in specific regions that larger applicators may not easily reach.

Frequently Asked Questions
Empowering You with Knowledge
  • How is Emsculpt Neo Different?

    Emsculpt Neo is unique in providing simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building. It's a non-invasive procedure with no downtime, contrasting significantly with traditional invasive methods like liposuction​​.

  • Who can benefit from Emsculpt Neo?

    Ideal candidates are healthy individuals with a BMI of 35 or less, looking to eliminate stubborn fat and build muscle mass in specific areas like the core (stomach, obliques), buttocks, legs, and upper arms. It's also effective for treating diastasis recti post-pregnancy​​.

  • Does Emsculpt Neo hurt?

    Undergoing an Emsculpt Neo session is akin to an intensified version of your workout routine. Imagine the sensation of engaging in vigorous abdominal crunches or deep squats. The technology stimulates your muscles to contract vigorously, mirroring the actions of physical exercise, but at an enhanced level. Your practitioner will tailor the intensity to your individual tolerance, gradually elevating it to ensure your comfort throughout the process. 

    After the session, it's common to feel a sensation similar to the one you get after a robust workout, as your muscles recover and strengthen.

  • Can Emsculpt Neo replace exercise?

    While Emsculpt Neo enhances muscle mass and strength while eliminating fat, it's not a substitute for regular exercise. It complements your fitness routine by improving endurance and targeting specific muscle groups​​.

  • How long until I see results from Emsculpt Neo?

    Your body will continue to flush out fat cells and strengthen the muscles over the course of several weeks. For the best results, you will need 4-6 sessions of Emsculpt NEO treatment at The Wellspring Medical Spa. We recommend keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, prioritizing diet and a consistent exercise routine. Usually, patients notice the most difference within 4 to 6 weeks after their last treatment!

  • How long do my results last?

    Fat loss from EmSculpt Neo is permanent, muscle toning lasts for around 12-14   months (unless maintenance is done). If maintenance treatments are performed, (i.e. quarterly maintenance), then muscle toning/mass lasts indefinitely, up until maintenance treatments are stopped. Emsculpt Neo Maintenance treatments are  available quarterly through our Emsculpt Elite, and Emsculpt Pro Membership Programs.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Emsculpt Neo is associated with minimal side effects, typically mild muscle soreness similar to post-exercise fatigue. The RF technology prepares the muscles for the procedure, minimizing discomfort​​. Through its various pulse patterns, HIFEM also works to break down lactic acid, reducing soreness post treatment.

  • How should I prepare for an Emsculpt Neo treatment?

    No special preparation is needed. Emsculpt Neo is most effective for those who maintain a healthy lifestyle and are looking to enhance and refine their physique​​.

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Clinical Studies and Results
  • Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo have been extensively researched since the original Emsculpt was introduced in 2018, with over 30 scientific publications backing the technology.
  • Emsculpt Neo  is the world’s first non-surgical butt lift. According to the clinical study, there was a visible buttock lift with  volume increasing by 10.81% in one month and 13.23% in three months.

  • Study results show an improvement in diastasis recti, with a reduction in abdominal separation at 10.46%. These results were maintained for at least 1-year post-treatment (study based on 4-8 treatments)

  • Abdominal fat thickness was reduced on average by 17.5%

  • Muscle mass in the calves was increased by 14.5% post treatment

  • Arm fat thickness decreased by 12.8%

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With Emsculpt Neo, you're not just embarking on a typical fitness routine; you're unlocking a synergistic approach to body sculpting that simultaneously tones up muscles, builds strength, and targets stubborn fat.

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