If you are looking for a subtle and beautiful way to soften lines and wrinkles or add a small amount of volume to your face, Belotero Balance (+) may be the right treatment for you. This is a unique dermal filler that can help your face look younger while seamlessly blending with your natural features.

At our medical spa, we love treatments that make you feel like your authentic self without taking away from what makes you, you. Because we want what is best for you, we will always work hard to find the treatments that best suit your goals. We look forward to discussing whether Belotero Balance is the right fit for you.

What Is Belotero Balance (+)?

Belotero Balance (+) is a dermal filler created to seamlessly integrate into your skin and adapt to your unique facial contours. Composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance found in your skin and joints, this treatment focuses on smoothing out wrinkles and folds, particularly around the nose and mouth.

How Does Belotero Balance (+) Work?

Belotero treatment consists of injecting the filler into specific areas of your face using a tiny needle. Once in place, the hyaluronic acid in Belotero can attract the water in your skin, binding to it and bringing natural hydration to the desired areas. This interaction can help fill in wrinkles and folds, resulting in a smoother, more natural appearance that adapts to your facial expressions.

What Is Belotero Used For?

Chin Wrinkles

Belotero injections are an effective solution for diminishing the appearance of chin wrinkles. By integrating seamlessly with your skin, they offer a smoother, more youthful look without affecting your natural facial expressions.

Lip Lines

If you’re looking to address fine lines around your lips, Belotero is a well-suited option. Its subtle volume-enhancing effect can help smooth out those lines without altering the natural shape of your lips.

Smile Lines

Belotero excels in treating smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds. It adds just the right amount of volume to lift and smooth these lines to give your appearance a natural youthfulness.

Tear Troughs

For those troubled by the appearance of under-eye hollows or tear troughs, Belotero offers a delicate solution. Its smooth consistency makes it an ideal choice for areas where the skin is thin and more sensitive.

Lines Near the Mouth

If you’re concerned about lines near the mouth, Belotero filler can help address these as well. By adding volume where needed, it effectively smooths out these lines, providing a refreshed yet natural look.

What Makes Belotero Balance (+) Different From Other Fillers?

Belotero Balance® (+) sets itself apart through its unique formulation and versatility. Its primary ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is designed to integrate seamlessly into your skin, allowing for a very natural look that adapts to your facial movements. The filler is also versatile enough to treat a wide range of lines and wrinkles, from fine lines around the lips to deeper nasolabial folds.

Your Belotero Balance (+) Appointment

Preparing For Your Treatment

The first step toward achieving your aesthetic goals with Belotero is a thorough consultation. During this initial meeting, you’ll discuss your specific objectives with your treatment provider. Together, you’ll go over the various options to determine which product will best meet your goals. You’ll also establish a treatment plan, pinpointing the exact locations to get the best results.

During Your Treatment

When it comes to the actual treatment session, comfort is a priority. A topical numbing cream is typically applied to minimize any discomfort. While you might feel a slight pinch during each injection, the sensation is generally well-tolerated.

After Your Treatment

After your Belotero injections, you might notice some initial swelling. This is completely normal and usually subsides quickly. It’s important to note that it can take some time for the full effects of the treatment to become apparent. The timeline for how long it takes for Belotero to settle varies, but you should expect to see the full results once any initial swelling has diminished.

Frequently Asked Questions About Belotero Balance (+)

What Is the Difference Between Fillers and Neuromodulators?

While both fillers and neuromodulators are used for facial rejuvenation, they work in different ways. Neuromodulators like Botox relax the muscles that cause wrinkles, whereas fillers like Belotero filler add volume to the skin to smooth out lines and wrinkles. This means that Belotero is generally more effective for treating static wrinkles that are present even when your face is at rest.

How Long Does Belotero Last?

The duration of Belotero effects can vary depending on the individual and the area treated. Generally, the results can last anywhere from 6-18 months. Factors such as your skin type, lifestyle, and the skill of the injector can all influence how long the treatment effects will last.

Am I a Good Candidate for Belotero Balance?

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for a Belotero treatment is to consult with a qualified healthcare provider. Generally speaking, if you’re looking to address moderate to severe lines and wrinkles, particularly around the nose and mouth, and you don’t have any active skin infections, Belotero could be a suitable option for you.

Learn More About Belotero Balance (+) in Dixon, IL

Choosing to rejuvenate your appearance with Belotero is a significant step toward a more youthful look. At The Wellspring Medical Spa, we are committed to offering the best treatments from consultation to results. Located in Dixon, IL, we invite you to contact us or give us a call at (815) 249-1025 to discuss your specific needs or to schedule an appointment.