Platelet Rich Fibrin in Dixon, Illinois

Here at The Wellspring Medical Spa in Dixon, IL, we are the top destination in the state for those looking to cosmetically enhance and embrace their beauty. At our practice, we firmly believe that looking better on the outside begins with feeling better on the inside. That is why so many patients love our PRF treatments, which work by using the body’s own natural healing properties. 

What Is PRF?

The initials PRF stand for platelet-rich fibrin. This is a substance that is found naturally within the human body, within the blood. This fibrin is derived from platelet-rich plasma, which you may have heard of as its abbreviation; PRP. The reason PRF treatments use this derivation is because the substance contains leukocytes as well as autologous platelets. These ingredients are key in making PRF treatments effective because they contain the building blocks to accelerated tissue regeneration and faster healing.

PRF in a concentrated form contains countless growth factors and proteins that will naturally latch onto any problem areas and effectively fix them. The most important of these materials are the cytokines, and this is due to the unrivaled synergy between them and the fibrin mixture that PRF is wholly made up of.

How Does It Work?

During a PRF treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient. We normally only take a vial that is the size of a standard bloodwork vial. We then place the vial into our centrifuge, which spins the vial around at high speeds in order to separate the red blood cells from the PRF and further concentrate the fibrin. From there, we re-inject the patient with the concentrated PRF mixture into the areas of the body that require treatment.

Once injected, the PRF mixture will initiate and encourage proper biological responses within the body that effectively heal the problem areas. You will experience enhanced tissue repair, faster healthy cell regeneration, and increased collagen production that will lead to a reduction in wrinkles as well as improved skin elasticity. You will experience all of these benefits without having to do a thing, as your body knows how to do all the work on its own!

PRF for Hair Restoration

For this treatment, after we put the blood vial through the centrifuge and concentrate the PRF, we will carefully inject the concentrate into the areas of your scalp that are thinning or balding. Thanks to the stem cells that are also present in the PRF mixture, the fibrin has the unique ability to stimulate dormant follicles and get them to regenerate, while also creating fresh, new follicles that will produce strong and healthy hair strands.

Meanwhile, the growth factors within PRF will go right to work activating the other dead follicles and encouraging increased blood flow. This will provide the scalp all the way down to the hair strands with all the nutrients they require for continued long-term hair growth. Essentially, using PRF to help restore your hair will effectively revamp your natural hair growth cycles. If you have undergone hair transplant surgery, PRF is also a great way to maintain your desired results.

PRF for Undereye Treatments

The undereye is an area that is both very delicate and has unique ailments that can befall it. Patients come to us for a myriad of undereye concerns, such as hollows, dark circles, and volume loss. For those looking to improve the appearance of their undereye area, PRF injections represent an exciting promise. If you are battling dark patches that make you look tired, PRF’s inherent ability to stimulate collagen production will tighten the skin and make you look alert and awake.

Enhanced cellular regeneration and improved skin elasticity mean that any undereye wrinkles will be a distant memory of the past once you undergo a PRF treatment. Those who have lost volume around the undereye area can benefit greatly from PRF’s ability to plump the skin and replenish facial contours. Many patients dealing with this specific problem often opt to pair PRF injections with dermal fillers, as they work together synergistically.

PRF for Full-Face Rejuvenation

Because PRF works so well for the delicate undereye area, it is no surprise that patients seek it out for virtually any facial rejuvenation treatment they desire. We already know that PRF is able to use its growth factors to bolster collagen production and decrease skin laxity, and we also understand the synergistic effects of pairing fillers with PRF, but did you know that PRF treatments can also address the skin’s tone and texture?

Many patients are excited to discover what benefits they will receive from combining PRF with microneedling for the purpose of smoothing out their skin’s texture, especially if they have scars they are looking to get rid of.

PRF Versus PRP

To give a comprehensive PRF overview, it is important to understand the key differences between PRF and PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. We chose PRF over PRP because it contains stronger components overall. One of the most popular rejuvenating treatments out there is the vampire facial, and this treatment famously uses PRP. The treatment got its name from the fact that patients are healed using their own blood. While this treatment pioneered natural regeneration using the body’s healing mechanisms, PRF has perfected it.

The important differentiation between the two is that PRF is spun in the centrifuge using lower speeds and shorter spins than PRP, which is what forms the fibrin that contains white blood cells in addition to the platelets. This means the growth factors will release more slowly into the body, giving more substantial results.

Embrace the Gold Standard of Rejuvenation

It is no surprise that PRF treatments are colloquially referred to as the “liquid gold” of regenerative medicines. We hope this PRF overview has been informative, and that you find what you have been looking for in one of our PRF treatments. You deserve to fall in love with your body and to feel your best from the inside out.