Red Light Therapy

Increase collagen and elastin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles

How does it work?

Red light therapy is a newer treatment that is emerging as a solution for many skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles. The exact mechanism is not clearly defined, but it is thought to work on the powerhouse of the cell, increasing energy production and therefore allowing a more robust growth response. Red light therapy is being studied as a treatment option for wound healing, skin inflammation (including rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis), age spots, scarring, and alopecia.

How long does it take?

Red light therapy treatment starts with a simple 12 week plan.

Weeks 1-4 (3) 15 minute sessions weekly

Weeks 4-12 (2) 15 minutes sessions weekly

Weeks 13+ (1-2) 15 minutes sessions weekly

Since aging is an ongoing process, maintenance of results is required. Remember that anti-aging treatments do not speed the aging process if stopped. They can simply help pause or reverse aging while being used.

How do I do it

A red light bed looks very similar to a tanning bed. You can get comfortable and listen to your favorite music while you’re enjoying your treatment. Expose as much or as little skin as you’d like during your treatment. Please come to your visit with clean skin, free of makeup. Make sure that you have sunscreen to apply after your treatment and that you’re using a gentle exfoliating product during the week to help remove dead skin cells. We recommend AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser.

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