Introducing EZ Gel Plasma Filler!

The Wellspring Medical Spa is excited to offer EZ Gel Plasma Filler! EZ Gel is a revolutionary new treatment that uses the power of your own body to deliver natural, rejuvenating results. Unlike traditional fillers that rely on artificial components, EZ Gel uses a unique concentration of volumizing proteins and growth factors – all obtained from your own blood!

How EZ Gel Filler Works

EZ Gel Plasma Filler is a cutting-edge treatment that combines the growth factors of liquid PRF and the albumin of plasma, creating a flexible and adaptable plasma gel. The process is simple and natural, with no chemicals or modifications required. The extended release of growth factors and biostimulation delivers long-lasting, beautiful results.

EZ Gel Plasma Filler Treatments graphic

EZ Gel Plasma Filler Treatments

EZ Gel Filler is a very versatile treatment due to its innovative flexible consistency. The gels viscosity allows it to adapt for different treatment areas. It can be used for volume enhancement, skin rejuvenation, and the reduction of aging lines and acne scars. Common treatment areas include under eye hollows, nasolabial folds, cheeks, marionette lines, smoker lines, chin, jawline, and lips.

EZ Gel Plasma Filler Treatments graphic

What Does The Treatment Entail?

  • Approximately 10 cc of whole blood is drawn from your arm.
  • The tubes of blood are centrifuged to separate the component cells. Platelets, Leukocytes and Mesenchymal stem cells are separated and used for this procedure.
  • The liquid is then transferred into a syringe and injected using a tiny needle.

Recommended Treatment Plan

The treatment plan for EZ Gel varies, depending on the individual patient, desired treatment area(s), and treatment goals. For optimal results, it’s generally recommended to undergo two treatments, 6-8 weeks apart. Repeat treatments may be needed every 4-6 months.

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Before the treatment, it’s important to discontinue blood-thinning products and to have clean skin. Please make sure you come to the office free of makeup or wash your face prior to being treated.

Post-Treatment Care

After the treatment, redness, tenderness, swelling, and bruising can be expected, and ice should be applied for any discomfort. Strenuous activity should be avoided for 24 hours. An in-depth post-treatment handout will be provided on the day of the procedure.

Who Can Benefit from EZ Gel Plasma Filler?

EZ Gel Filler is well tolerated by most patients, as the source is 100% natural and free from added chemicals. However, it is not recommended for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking antibiotics, or who have recent or upcoming dental procedures or vaccinations. For all other individuals, EZ Gel Plasma Filler offers a safe, effective, and natural solution for skin rejuvenation and volume enhancement.

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