B, The Energy Vitamin

Fun fact: Red Blood cells are the most abundant cell type in the human body.

The Vitamin B group is vital for basic body functioning. If you are an athlete this group of vitamins could contribute significantly to your performance. From your physical performance to your mental clarity and ability to recover, being deficient in B vitamins could be keeping your goals just out of reach.

So, what does Vitamin B do anyway?? Vitamin B is responsible for healthy Red Blood Cell (RBC) production. The RBC transports oxygen so it can be used throughout your body for energy. If your body lacks Vitamin B, you could be lacking motivation too! This could contribute to muscle weakness and fatigue.

Keep your head in the game! Did you know brain and nervous system functioning improves with Vitamin B intake? That is because vitamin B aids in myelin sheath production, therefore helping with mental clarity.

Getting quality sleep is another important element in recovery. Vitamin B is involved with melatonin production. Better sleep is often the first thing a patient notices when beginning a once weekly series of injections.

So who could benefit from Vitamin B shots? People who

  • Are age 50 or over
  • Have frequent bouts of brain fog
  • Smoke
  • Consume alcohol
  • Take certain medications
  • Have been diagnosed with certain gastrointestinal conditions

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