7 ways to maintain a youthful appearance

1. “Your face is going to get stuck like that!”

Your face will not get stuck on the silly expression you were making when you first heard this saying, but repetitive facial expressions will lead to etched in lines that will contribute to the appearance of aging. Worse yet, some of these etched lines make you look angry, tired, or sad.

Steal: Stop holding your face in the same expressions and wear sunglasses to avoid squinting

Splurge: Invest in neuromodulator treatment with Botox or Dysport to soften expression lines

2. Avoid dehydration

This sounds simple, and it is, as long as we know the things that are causing our skin to be dehydrated. You may be using an expensive night cream, but it’s not cutting it. Why not? Hydrated skin does not come from a moisturizer, it comes from within and from using a hydrator, like hyaluronic acid.

Steal: Drink more water, drink less alcohol

Splurge: Invest in a powerful hyaluronic acid serum (we have 3 great ones to choose from in office or shop Alastin or SkinMedica now)

3. Nourish your skin

When you were 17, if your parents had told you that eating right was going to help you stay looking young and beautiful, maybe you would have been better with your vitamins and eaten less fast food. You can start that now! There are many vitamins that are important to your skin’s function and they can help you achieve a younger looking appearance.

Steal: Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and protein rich foods

Splurge: Use medical grade skincare packed with ingredients like vitamins A, C & E to make sure your skin is getting a daily dose of of the vitamins it needs

4. Improve your skin’s circulation

When your skin is getting great blood flow, it ensures that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your skin that help it to maintain its function and integrity.

Steal: Exercise regularly to help your circulation

Splurge: SkinPen treatment leads to release of growth factors in the skin that can contribute to the formation of new blood vessels, ask your provider how often you should get this treatment

5. Stop irritating your skin

The sting does not mean it’s working! It means your skin is irritated. Don’t over-exfoliate at home and stop using harsh products like hand soap and alcohol based astringents on your face. These habits strip your skin of moisture and necessary oils, and instead of improving your appearance, it makes the skin appear older.

Steal: Use a gentle cleanser with calming ingredients and gently scrub your skin with a washcloth

Splurge: Get a yearly or semiannual peel complete with a post care kit to achieve a professionally supervised exfoliation and reveal brighter, more radiant skin

6. Get a healthy glow

Sun leads to premature aging through destruction of collagen. Sun exposure can also lead to dark spots on your face and worsen the condition of melasma.

Steal: Seek shade, wear a hat & sun protective clothing

Splurge: Invest in medical grade skincare that can brighten the skin, protect the skin, build new collagen, and prevent worsening of dark spots and melasma

7. Treat under eye concerns

The skin under the eye is a common area of concern. You may notice a combination of dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness that contribute to an overall aged, tired appearance. Be gentle with this delicate skin.

Steal: Gua sha can be done at home to relieve inflammation and improve sinus drainage, decreasing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

Splurge: PRF injections are a natural method using your own blood cells to help relieve signs of aging around the eye. Pair the treatment with a powerful eye cream like Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment or TNS Eye Repair for best results.

Come in the office to pick up your favorite products or make an appointment so we can help you maintain your youthful appearance.

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